Outstanding Historic Rehabilitation, River Road Neighborhood Assoc.

This dilapidated cottage from the 1920s was sustainably restored and added on to. Located in the historic River Road neighborhood abutting the San Antonio River. The project included the deconstruction of the interiors and the reuse of wood members and flooring. The house was stripped down and then rebuilt, including new electrical with energy saving lighting, new plumbing with water saving fixtures, and a new high efficiency hvac system.

To reduce energy consumption, the house was totally insulated – walls, floors, and ceilings.

Out of concern for interior air quality, all finishes – paint, floor sealer, mastics, caulking – were low or no VOC. 

The original 850 square foot building was almost doubled in size. The interior configuration of the house was totally redone to make for spatial fluidity and for a more modern lifestyle. A central hall was created, lined with bookshelves to make a gallery-like space. At the north and south ends of the plan, cathedral ceilings were created, making the living/dining and the master bedroom more spacious.